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Teens might not be able to verbally express their feelings about the pandemic, but they sure can act out. Many of my clients have told me that their child melts down over anything and is sad all the time. You might be seeing them withdraw from friends, and stop doing things they used to love. If your child spends too much time in their room, it’s time to talk to them about how they’re feeling.

Online Counseling For Teens

Online counseling is hugely beneficial teens. It provides them with a support system no matter where they are, and they can learn the skills they need to manage their feelings. also work from your child’s comfort zone- inside their home. It gives them access to a support system no matter where they are, and they can learn the skills they need to manage their feelings. 

How Can We Help?

For children battling anxiety, relaxation is a skill they can learn at school. They can spot the exaggerated thinking patterns that make worries worse and process their feelings about past trauma, without having to use words. Art and play are two ways to incorporate therapy into education without being boring. These activities help children express how they’re feeling without always using their words.

It can be difficult for teens to open up about their feelings. They may not feel like they have a place to do this with friends or parents. Teens are trying to find themselves and they may not feel that they can be themselves with anyone. This is why online therapy is so important. It gives them a place where they can vent their feelings, talk about them, and learn healthy coping skills.

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